Solid and ground water

This division was created because soil contamination cannot be separated from groundwater contamination, as the contaminated soil is often the source of the groundwater contamination.

Organic contaminants impacting both soil and groundwater can range from petroleum products (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, BTEX, MTBE) to industrial products (PCE, TCE, chlorinated solvents, paint strippers) to organic pesticides. The focus is to provide a more effective and permanent solution to site owners than conventional biological, physical /chemical, or landfill/storage approaches. More important, perhaps, is the fact that the BactiDomusTM approach completely breaks down contaminant eliminating the problem forever. This frees the owner from concerns related to future regulatory changes that may make some current treatment approaches (landfilling/storage) illegal.

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Innovation and Service

Northern Development Corporation (Nordevco) Associates Ltd. is a 30-year-old diversified company built on a strong foundation of innovative environmental solutions and customer driven service. At the core of Nordevco’s success lies the relentless pursuit of innovation and customer service and satisfaction.

Nordevco designs sustainable biological solutions for the cost effective management of municipal, industrial, and agricultural organic waste, as well as accelerated composting solutions, and the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. Nordevco is continuously finding new ways to implement biotechnology into environmental remediation, and extending its focus to include its utility in a variety of household solutions, such as septic tank treatment.

Our Partners

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BactiDomus® Biotechnology: Nordevco Associates Ltd’s BactiDomus® Biotechnology provides the municipal and agricultural sectors cost-effective, sustainable solutions that can be implemented quickly and without specialized equipment, disruption to normal operations or risk of damage to existing infrastructure.

The BactiDomus® Biotechnology also provides solutions for accelerating the composting process and the reduction and remediation of industrial organic wastes in a cost effective manner usually within the existing infrastructure and process flow.

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Once-A-Year Septic™ Treatment: Based on Nordevco’s proven technology for treatment of Municipal Systems, Community Sewage Lagoons and Treatment Plants, Once-A-Year Septic™ Treatment allows you to use that same powerful technology to manage your septic system simply, affordably and effectively.